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FreeType-2.13.2 API Reference

Table of Contents

General Remarks

What FreeType is and isn't

How client applications should include FreeType header files.

How client applications should allocate FreeType data structures.

Core API

The basic data types defined by the library.

Functions to start and end the usage of the FreeType library.

Functions to manage fonts.

Macros to test various properties of fonts.

Functions to manage font sizes.

Functions to manage glyphs.

Functions to manage character-to-glyph maps.

Functions to retrieve font and glyph information.

Other structures, enumerations, and macros.

Extended API

The FreeType 2 interface to Unicode Variation Sequences (UVS), using the SFNT cmap format 14.

Retrieving and manipulating OpenType's ‘CPAL’ table data.

Retrieving and manipulating OpenType's ‘COLR’ table data.

Generic interface to manage individual glyph data.

Only available on the Macintosh.

Managing multiple sizes per face.

Macro definitions used to #include specific header files.

Format-Specific API

How to manage Multiple Masters fonts.

TrueType-specific table types and functions.

Type 1-specific font tables.

Access the names embedded in TrueType and OpenType files.

BDF and PCF specific API.

CID-keyed font-specific API.

PFR/TrueDoc-specific API.

Windows FNT-specific API.

OT-SVG API between FreeType and an external SVG rendering library.

Getting the font format.

Retrieving TrueType ‘gasp’ table entries.

Controlling FreeType Modules

Controlling the auto-hinting module.

Controlling the CFF driver module.

Controlling the Type 1 and CID driver modules.

Controlling the TrueType driver module.

Controlling the PCF driver module.

Controlling the external rendering of OT-SVG glyphs.

Controlling driver modules.

Macros for driver property and font loading parameter tags.

API to control subpixel rendering.

Cache Sub-System

How to cache face, size, and glyph data with FreeType 2.

Support API

Crunching fixed numbers and vectors.

Simple management of lists.

Functions to create, transform, and render vectorial glyph images.

Retrieve horizontal and vertical advance values without processing glyph outlines, if possible.

Handling FT_Bitmap objects.

How vectorial outlines are converted into bitmaps and pixmaps.

Generating bordered and stroked glyphs.

How FreeType manages memory and i/o.

How to add, upgrade, remove, and control modules from FreeType.

Using gzip-compressed font files.

Using LZW-compressed font files.

Using bzip2-compressed font files.

Public APIs to control the FT_DEBUG_LOGGING macro.

Error Codes

How to handle errors and error strings.

All possible error codes returned by FreeType functions.


An API to validate TrueTypeGX/AAT tables.

Custom Glyph Loading.

TrueType bytecode support.

An API to validate OpenType tables.

Global Index

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