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BZIP2 Streams


In certain builds of the library, bzip2 compression recognition is automatically handled when calling FT_New_Face or FT_Open_Face. This means that if no font driver is capable of handling the raw compressed file, the library will try to open a bzip2 compressed stream from it and re-open the face with it.

The stream implementation is very basic and resets the decompression process each time seeking backwards is needed within the stream, which significantly undermines the performance.

This section contains the declaration of Bzip2-specific functions.


Defined in FT_BZIP2_H (freetype/ftbzip2.h).

  FT_EXPORT( FT_Error )
  FT_Stream_OpenBzip2( FT_Stream  stream,
                       FT_Stream  source );

Open a new stream to parse bzip2-compressed font files. This is mainly used to support the compressed *.pcf.bz2 fonts that come with XFree86.



The target embedding stream.


The source stream.


FreeType error code. 0 means success.


The source stream must be opened before calling this function.

Calling the internal function FT_Stream_Close on the new stream will not call FT_Stream_Close on the source stream. None of the stream objects will be released to the heap.

This function may return FT_Err_Unimplemented_Feature if your build of FreeType was not compiled with bzip2 support.