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FreeType » Docs » Format-Specific API » Font Formats

Font Formats


The single function in this section can be used to get the font format. Note that this information is not needed normally; however, there are special cases (like in PDF devices) where it is important to differentiate, in spite of FreeType's uniform API.


Defined in FT_FONT_FORMATS_H (freetype/ftfntfmt.h).

  FT_EXPORT( const char* )
  FT_Get_Font_Format( FT_Face  face );

  /* deprecated */
  FT_EXPORT( const char* )
  FT_Get_X11_Font_Format( FT_Face  face );

Return a string describing the format of a given face. Possible values are ‘TrueType’, ‘Type 1’, ‘BDF’, ‘PCF’, ‘Type 42’, ‘CID Type 1’, ‘CFF’, ‘PFR’, and ‘Windows FNT’.

The return value is suitable to be used as an X11 FONT_PROPERTY.



Input face handle.


Font format string. NULL in case of error.


A deprecated name for the same function is FT_Get_X11_Font_Format.