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Error Code Values


The list below is taken verbatim from the file fterrdef.h (loaded automatically by including FT_FREETYPE_H). The first argument of the FT_ERROR_DEF_ macro is the error label; by default, the prefix FT_Err_ gets added so that you get error names like FT_Err_Cannot_Open_Resource. The second argument is the error code, and the last argument an error string, which is not used by FreeType.

Within your application you should only use error names and never its numeric values! The latter might (and actually do) change in forthcoming FreeType versions.

Macro FT_NOERRORDEF_ defines FT_Err_Ok, which is always zero. See the ‘Error Enumerations’ subsection how to automatically generate a list of error strings.


  /* generic errors */

  FT_NOERRORDEF_( Ok,                                        0x00,
                  "no error" )

  FT_ERRORDEF_( Cannot_Open_Resource,                        0x01,
                "cannot open resource" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Unknown_File_Format,                         0x02,
                "unknown file format" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_File_Format,                         0x03,
                "broken file" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Version,                             0x04,
                "invalid FreeType version" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Lower_Module_Version,                        0x05,
                "module version is too low" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Argument,                            0x06,
                "invalid argument" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Unimplemented_Feature,                       0x07,
                "unimplemented feature" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Table,                               0x08,
                "broken table" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Offset,                              0x09,
                "broken offset within table" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Array_Too_Large,                             0x0A,
                "array allocation size too large" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Missing_Module,                              0x0B,
                "missing module" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Missing_Property,                            0x0C,
                "missing property" )

  /* glyph/character errors */

  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Glyph_Index,                         0x10,
                "invalid glyph index" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Character_Code,                      0x11,
                "invalid character code" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Glyph_Format,                        0x12,
                "unsupported glyph image format" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Cannot_Render_Glyph,                         0x13,
                "cannot render this glyph format" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Outline,                             0x14,
                "invalid outline" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Composite,                           0x15,
                "invalid composite glyph" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Too_Many_Hints,                              0x16,
                "too many hints" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Pixel_Size,                          0x17,
                "invalid pixel size" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_SVG_Document,                        0x18,
                "invalid SVG document" )

  /* handle errors */

  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Handle,                              0x20,
                "invalid object handle" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Library_Handle,                      0x21,
                "invalid library handle" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Driver_Handle,                       0x22,
                "invalid module handle" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Face_Handle,                         0x23,
                "invalid face handle" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Size_Handle,                         0x24,
                "invalid size handle" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Slot_Handle,                         0x25,
                "invalid glyph slot handle" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_CharMap_Handle,                      0x26,
                "invalid charmap handle" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Cache_Handle,                        0x27,
                "invalid cache manager handle" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Stream_Handle,                       0x28,
                "invalid stream handle" )

  /* driver errors */

  FT_ERRORDEF_( Too_Many_Drivers,                            0x30,
                "too many modules" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Too_Many_Extensions,                         0x31,
                "too many extensions" )

  /* memory errors */

  FT_ERRORDEF_( Out_Of_Memory,                               0x40,
                "out of memory" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Unlisted_Object,                             0x41,
                "unlisted object" )

  /* stream errors */

  FT_ERRORDEF_( Cannot_Open_Stream,                          0x51,
                "cannot open stream" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Stream_Seek,                         0x52,
                "invalid stream seek" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Stream_Skip,                         0x53,
                "invalid stream skip" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Stream_Read,                         0x54,
                "invalid stream read" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Stream_Operation,                    0x55,
                "invalid stream operation" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Frame_Operation,                     0x56,
                "invalid frame operation" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Nested_Frame_Access,                         0x57,
                "nested frame access" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Frame_Read,                          0x58,
                "invalid frame read" )

  /* raster errors */

  FT_ERRORDEF_( Raster_Uninitialized,                        0x60,
                "raster uninitialized" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Raster_Corrupted,                            0x61,
                "raster corrupted" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Raster_Overflow,                             0x62,
                "raster overflow" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Raster_Negative_Height,                      0x63,
                "negative height while rastering" )

  /* cache errors */

  FT_ERRORDEF_( Too_Many_Caches,                             0x70,
                "too many registered caches" )

  /* TrueType and SFNT errors */

  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Opcode,                              0x80,
                "invalid opcode" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Too_Few_Arguments,                           0x81,
                "too few arguments" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Stack_Overflow,                              0x82,
                "stack overflow" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Code_Overflow,                               0x83,
                "code overflow" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Bad_Argument,                                0x84,
                "bad argument" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Divide_By_Zero,                              0x85,
                "division by zero" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Reference,                           0x86,
                "invalid reference" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Debug_OpCode,                                0x87,
                "found debug opcode" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( ENDF_In_Exec_Stream,                         0x88,
                "found ENDF opcode in execution stream" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Nested_DEFS,                                 0x89,
                "nested DEFS" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_CodeRange,                           0x8A,
                "invalid code range" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Execution_Too_Long,                          0x8B,
                "execution context too long" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Too_Many_Function_Defs,                      0x8C,
                "too many function definitions" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Too_Many_Instruction_Defs,                   0x8D,
                "too many instruction definitions" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Table_Missing,                               0x8E,
                "SFNT font table missing" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Horiz_Header_Missing,                        0x8F,
                "horizontal header (hhea) table missing" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Locations_Missing,                           0x90,
                "locations (loca) table missing" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Name_Table_Missing,                          0x91,
                "name table missing" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( CMap_Table_Missing,                          0x92,
                "character map (cmap) table missing" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Hmtx_Table_Missing,                          0x93,
                "horizontal metrics (hmtx) table missing" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Post_Table_Missing,                          0x94,
                "PostScript (post) table missing" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Horiz_Metrics,                       0x95,
                "invalid horizontal metrics" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_CharMap_Format,                      0x96,
                "invalid character map (cmap) format" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_PPem,                                0x97,
                "invalid ppem value" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Vert_Metrics,                        0x98,
                "invalid vertical metrics" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Could_Not_Find_Context,                      0x99,
                "could not find context" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Post_Table_Format,                   0x9A,
                "invalid PostScript (post) table format" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Post_Table,                          0x9B,
                "invalid PostScript (post) table" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( DEF_In_Glyf_Bytecode,                        0x9C,
                "found FDEF or IDEF opcode in glyf bytecode" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Missing_Bitmap,                              0x9D,
                "missing bitmap in strike" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Missing_SVG_Hooks,                           0x9E,
                "SVG hooks have not been set" )

  /* CFF, CID, and Type 1 errors */

  FT_ERRORDEF_( Syntax_Error,                                0xA0,
                "opcode syntax error" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Stack_Underflow,                             0xA1,
                "argument stack underflow" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Ignore,                                      0xA2,
                "ignore" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( No_Unicode_Glyph_Name,                       0xA3,
                "no Unicode glyph name found" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Glyph_Too_Big,                               0xA4,
                "glyph too big for hinting" )

  /* BDF errors */

  FT_ERRORDEF_( Missing_Startfont_Field,                     0xB0,
                "`STARTFONT' field missing" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Missing_Font_Field,                          0xB1,
                "`FONT' field missing" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Missing_Size_Field,                          0xB2,
                "`SIZE' field missing" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Missing_Fontboundingbox_Field,               0xB3,
                "`FONTBOUNDINGBOX' field missing" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Missing_Chars_Field,                         0xB4,
                "`CHARS' field missing" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Missing_Startchar_Field,                     0xB5,
                "`STARTCHAR' field missing" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Missing_Encoding_Field,                      0xB6,
                "`ENCODING' field missing" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Missing_Bbx_Field,                           0xB7,
                "`BBX' field missing" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Bbx_Too_Big,                                 0xB8,
                "`BBX' too big" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Corrupted_Font_Header,                       0xB9,
                "Font header corrupted or missing fields" )
  FT_ERRORDEF_( Corrupted_Font_Glyphs,                       0xBA,
                "Font glyphs corrupted or missing fields" )